Top 5 work-from-home leggings that make you look and feel like a million bucks!

*also, leggings that don’t give you camel toe and other features no one talks about.

(From a gal who has worked from home in the fashion/sporting goods industry for over 10 years:)

I am about to share three months’ worth of research that included: torn flesh wounds, skin rashes, my foot punctured by a safety pin, and loads of sweating because shopping (for leggings), is in fact cardio! I am bringing to you my top five leggings for working from home.

I tried on 36 pairs of leggings from 17 different brands, three different stores, and — it was savage!

Brands tried on: Joylab (Target), c9 (Target), Colsie (Target), All In Motion (Target), Athleta, Zella (Nordstrom), Nike, adidas, adidas originals, Spanx, Beyond Yoga, Aloyoga, Sweaty Betty, Old Navy, Outdoor Voices, Vuori, Lulu Lemon.

First, a disclaimer, there is a lot of confusing terminology in the athleisure/activewear world, as there is no industry standard. Each company decides on the name that they use to describe the legging and length so one company might call it a legging or capri, while other brands may call leggings “yoga pant” or tights. The product description should indicate the length. For the purpose of this blog, I am focusing on full leggings (over the ankle 8/8 length). you typically wear these in the fall and winter because they keep you warmer. Also, important to note, some leggings are specifically for working out (which I will include in my descriptions below) but many women also wear these for “athleisure” as well. Honestly, you decide. your leggings, your style, your rules.

#5 Athleta Elation Tight $89


  • high waist is flattering on most (not all) body types
  • no camel toe — #blessings
  • not see thru
  • stays in place (no falling down)
  • rated UPF 50+
  • can dress up or wear to yoga
  • available in sizes XXS-3X


  • noticed pilling after only a couple of months — for $89 this should not happen
  • compression could be tighter but this is a personal preference

#4 All in motion(private label athletic/athleisure brand for Target) Women’s Sculpted High Rise Leggings — $30

I do not love pockets on me because they make my hips look wide, however, function trumps flattery on this style.


  • a workout legging for $30 cannot be beat
  • can also be worn for athleisure if you choose
  • high waist is flattering on most (not all) body types
  • no camel toe
  • not see thru
  • stays in place (no falling down)
  • UPF50+ material so you can wear in the sun; also moisture wicking
  • available in plus sizes


  • not sustainable/fast fashion
  • flat seams can irritate the skin
  • flat seams can also be unflattering depending on placement
  • some may find the pockets to be unflattering

#3 Z by Zella High Waist Daily Leggings $59

Zella is Nordstrom's private label and the brand is awesome! Reasonably priced, on-trend, and good quality)also available at Nordstrom Rack for only $26.97 (typically they have a different version which could have been an older style or fabrication may vary slightly).


  • everyday athleisure legging or workout legging
  • Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack both carry Zella so you can find newer, more on-trend styles at Nordstrom but that also means more $$$; Nordstrom Rack will carry more core basics and past seasons that sold well
  • offered in a variety of colors
  • high waist is flattering on most (not all) body types
  • no camel toe
  • not see thru
  • stays in place (no falling down)


  • not sustainable/eco-friendly
  • quality is good for the price but these need to be replaced every 6–9 months if you are wearing them regularly — you’ll see pilling
  • more of a “shiny” material so looks more “athletic” versus “athlesiure” (this really isn’t a con, more of a matter of preference)
  • drinking too much wine at Nordstrom and buying more leggings than you need because wine

#2 Spanx Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings $69

My go-to leggings if I want to dress up. I have all the camo colors and I replace them after a year because I wear them so much! Spanx are probably the most versatile in terms of athlesiuire. These are not for working out.

Here are a few ways I style mine.

Look #1 Pure Athleisure

Look #2: Sporty Chic // Athleisure

Pair with your favorite lifestyle kicks, throw on a white tee and a denim jacket (all core staples in my athleisure wardrobe).

Look #3 Athleisure but with Vans

Look #4 Happy Hour is Calling — a more dressed up look with boots or pair with heels.


  • so versatile, dress up, dress down look cute all the way around ;)
  • super comfortable
  • high waist is flattering on most (not all) body types
  • spanx gets an A+ on stomach suckage in
  • no camel toe
  • not see thru


  • they are a much thinner material and if worn a lot fabric may become see- thru
  • tend to fall down a little bit, but I am okay with that because they make up for it by making my stomach appear flatter

and now the moment we’ve all been waiting for….


The winner for best fitting, most flattering, cute AF leggings that make you look and feel like a million bucks is …..

Y’all it was a TIE…

I honestly could not decide, I love these two brands’ leggings so much.

#1 Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Caught In the Midi High Waisted legging $97


  • super cute with hoodies, great for game days (if we ever have them again) and working from home they can be dressed up with a sweater or a button down/flannel
  • the material is hands-down the softest material in leggings, so comfy
  • flattering high waist sucks you in
  • simple — no seams that chafe
  • no camel toe
  • offered in multiple colors
  • they last, they do not pill and they keep their shape — blessings on blessings hal lay lu


  • my girlfriend who is around 5'3 ish, purchased the XS and it was too long so if you are shorter and on the petite side, I would recommend the 7/8 length which will likely fit like a legging to the ankle
  • $97 is spendy but honestly, these are worth it IMO — they maintain their shape, stretch, and color but make sure you either hand wash or wash on gentle and hang dry

Also at #1 alo yoga High Waist Vapor Legging $128

Sultry and sophisticated with a more shiny material you can dress up or down.


  • love, love, love the dark camo print, I love wearing these with high-tops
  • the fit, the fit, the fit-flattering on the bootie and the tummy, hugs and holds like a second skin
  • flattering high waist sucks you in, their words, “front-smoothing panel for commando comfort”
  • ultra-sleek & breathable performance (vapor) fabric — will not keep you warm in the winter but outstanding in the spring and summer
  • moisture-wicking & antimicrobial
  • no camel toe
  • love the logo placement


  • might be too long for some shorter frames
  • the sizing is perfect but if you don’t like that sucked in feeling size up
  • $128 is spendy but honestly, these are worth it IMO — they are versatile, comfortable, and super flattering!

One thing to note, make sure if wearing leggings daily, that you give them a break otherwise you could get in a predicament that I experienced during COVID where I had to ask myself, are my leggings making me fat?! For more on that click here.

PS At some point I will review sports bras, unfortunately during my trying on of leggings, I tried this contraption on and nearly lost an eye due to the straps and the cardboard tag that could double as a razor and almost left me scarred.

As always, thank you for reading!

Peace, Love & Prosecco,

marce :)

retail marketing* football fanatic * dancin fool * dog-lover * turtle mom * sales aficionado * not a foodie * grateful * just gettin started *justice warrior

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