Product Review: Nike Pro Tights

Product: Nike Pro Tight 7/8 $50 /// Worn for: working out

✅ Comfortable

💰Good Price Value

🐪No camel toe

✅Not see thru

The “Nike Pro” collection has been around for eons — this is a line of products with Nike’s “Pro” technology which features four-way stretch and Dri-Fit (their “cooling” system, in other words — breathability). Typically, Nike does not change the styles in this collection too much so if you really like a pair of tights as I do, chances are they will keep it in the line for years to come — that is great news for the consumer because don’t you hate it when you love something and the next season it’s gone?! Consistency is key for me and I love brands who keep a core collection of good pieces in the line that you can count on!

Unfortunately, this year Nike did away with my “go-to” workout tights, I was lucky they were around for a good 5 years so I guess it was time to give them an update. The ones I had were super simple, plain black, small swoosh on the bottom of the leg, no bells and whistles, comfortable and fit well. Also, at a great price point of $50, considering how long they last.

Since my faves were gone, I decided to try two new styles: Nike Pro Women’s 7/8 Tight ($50) and Nike Pro Womens Crop Tight ($55). They have added more details like mesh on the thigh/calf and different types of waistbands. Personally, I prefer a simple black tight especially for working out but I gave these a go.

I was surprised — I liked them. I thought the seams would be a dealbreaker. They might have been if my old faithful were still around but because I needed something these worked fine and I could leave the house not feeling totally self-conscious. The fit was the same as my old ones thankfully and there was not a lot of difference except for the mesh detail on the calves and those dang seams. These tights fit like a glove but do not give you camel toe, a major plus! One thing I love about Nike’s tights — they fit very true to size consistently. I am wearing a Medium.

Product: Nike Pro Womens Crop Tight $55 /// Worn for: working out

The second pair, Nike Pro Womens Crop Tight, at $55 (now on sale for $49.97, and I understand why) were not for me- there was too much going on with the fabric and mesh patches. I don’t like a lot of seams, they are typically not flattering as they emphasize areas of my legs and hips I’d rather not. ;)

Summary: I give my Tiny Bubbles stamp of approval to the first pair and a thumbs down for the second but tights are very personal, some women love the details, others like myself feel they are a nuisance. Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Peace, love and Prosecco,

Marcella :)

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