Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Your guide for the best work from home athleisure and activewear from a former adidas/converse sales rep: West Coast edit

It’s that time of the year!!! Your excuse to treat yoself. :)

My Grandma Maxx trained me at a young age to spot the best deals on jewels and shoes at TJ Maxx but I am no longer the shopper I once was and COVID has increased my angst for shopping to the point that I’d rather drink wine and “add to cart” from the comfort of my own home!

What retailers deem a“treasure hunt” I deem a gigantic pain in my ass. Who has the time or attention span?

Legit treasure chest for kids available on Amazon. I’m not a mom, but honestly, why would she want this potential choke hazard cleaning nightmare?

The Nordstrom Anniversary is one exception where it is worth it to go full PIRATE TREASURE HUNTRESS and I have done the work for you! I have dug deep into all things athleisure, activewear and sporty chic with a splash of home because #champagneflutes the “Official Glassware of Tiny Bubbles” — doesn’t everyone have “Official Glassware?” ;)

Thank you, Nordstrom, for having these exquisite champagne flutes for my $11.99 (read cheap) Brut Rose; add a splash of Pineapple Juice for the Tiny Bubbles official adult beverage — delish! Meridian Blush Set of 6 Fluted Glasses $25.90! Available on anniversary sale

I’ve been living in athleisure (read: working from home) for about ten years, it almost seems like a job now. I’ve also been a sales rep for brands like adidas and Converse hence my obsession with sneakers and athleisure. My athleisure obsession started pre-athleisure when there was not even a term for it and my female colleagues and I were trying to convince the powers that be that this would be a trend to stay; we could have never predicted it would be the new normal and #workfromhome fashion trend.

Because I have lived all over the country from Portland to Chicago, Dallas to LA and San Jose with Boulder and Eugene in-between) I understand that fashion is local and every region has a vibe; more importantly their own weather patterns! In a few short months, Chicago will be cold AF, Portland will be rainy AF. East Coast will be rigid AF and Socal — well, I won’t rub it in.

If it is below 59 I’ll be in a beanie.

So.. I perused (shopped) early access for a solid week to find the BEST products and ones worthy of my soon to be launched Tiny Bubbles Blog and have created a style guide with three separate looks for each region.

Oh and I almost forgot! I created playlists for each region — so when those multiple Nordstrom boxes show up, you can jam to some tunes while trying on your umpteenth pair of leggings you never knew you needed! *Please note the songs are very random because isssaaa vibe. That said, you will probably hear Biggie on my East Coast Swag playlist you can listen here.

Alright!!! Let’s get this party started. It’s not an athleisure blog without LEGGINGS! I wrote a cheat sheet on the top 5 leggings (FYI by definition “leggings” are ankle length, but I have also included “Capri tights” — my fave length- mid calf!)if you want some solid, core, year-round options click here. One of the styles I chose, Zella, is on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

All leggings that get my stamp of approval must pass my “wear test:”

  1. Are they see thru?
  2. Are they comfortable?
  3. Do they look flattering (suck you in)?
  4. Do I have camel toe?
  5. Do they fall down?
  6. Are they worth it?

On a scale of 1–5 if they do not get a four or above in all categories then I likely will not put my stamp of approval on them!

Zella (Nordstrom’s private label) has incredibly awesome and affordable core basics! No-slip waistband — simply put they do NOT fall down! True to size. APPROVED.

LOOK ONE WEST COAST: “What’s Poppin?!”

For the West Coast “Feelin Myself” Playlist click here. Featuring: Ice Cube, David Bowie, Sheila E, and Prince. Get your groove on while you add to cart!

So, the only thing that should be poppin is the bubbly you need to be drinking for surviving 2020!~ My blog isn’t called “tiny bubbles” for nothin! But if you are in need of a preventive zit popper Nordstrom has you covered!

Enter: PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device (if you thought this was a vibrator at first glance you would not be wrong but you may not realize where you use it (wink wink), your FACE (get yo mind right!). Apparently, this little gadget has over 7,000 vibrations per minute and it is supposed to “ensure a deep cleanse, provide a way to lift, firm and tone problem areas for a more youthful appearance.” Hmmm, I’ll be the judge of that! Although I cannot put my stamp of approval on this I plan to try it because Nordstrom has such a fantastic and liberal return policy.

For $66 and the ability to return, I will give it a go and see I have become Benjamin Belle.

Next up and one of my very favorites of this sale for obvious reasons is by Sweaty Betty. This is a loose-fitting cropped top “muscle tee” that is see-through ish. Love the material and the saying is very on-brand. :) I did purchase this and it is APPROVED! I will wear this on the weekends while I sip on a mimosa and also to workout. Win-WIN.

It’s 2020 have champagne, skip the pain!
Beyond Yoga Never Been Hoodie $39.90 Wear to Trader Joes or hanging on your couch.

I LOVE Beyond Yoga. Yes, they are pricey but for me, they are worth it because their shit lasts!!! I love the materials they use, super soft. Most styles run large, size down. I love the versatility of a minimalist hoodie. At only $39.90 this is one of the best price-values! Offered in two other colors.

One of my best friends has a pair of Tony Burch sunglasses so I have always wanted to try some and these seem perfect. What you don’t see is the animal print detail on the sides. Subtle with a pop. Straight fiyahhhh !!!

Tory Burch 57mm Aviator Sunglasses makes ya feel like ya need to wear your sunglasses at night like Cory Hart. (That song is obvi on the WEST COAST PLAYLIST you can access here.)
Zella Live In High Waist Leggings $38.90

These leggings are such a great price, you guys! Regularly $59 (honestly worth at that price too!) These are a core staple in my leggings drawer! They come in 3 colors too! Key features include hi-rise = sucks in tummy, figure-sculpting, and who doesn’t want that?! These can be worn as athleisure or for a colder day working out. (I never wear full leggings for working out in summer, too hot!)

I absolutely love this Boyfriend V-Neck Tank by Beyond Yoga. It fits well, looks good, and is versatile. I wore it walking the other day and felt like a million bucks. It has a convenient cooling system with a sexy open back (but not too open to show any potential fat rolls). It’s lose by design. Super flattering V-neck too! Size down.

29.90 is an excellent price for this APPROVED super cute Boyfriend V-Neck Tank!
The back is SEXY. Can be worn as athleisure or to work out! Available at

Nordstrom did not disappoint in the sneaker category. Being a total dork sneakerhead I appreciate this and found some great finds for you guys! This brand is called ON. I had no idea after having a pair for about a month wtf they were called, but that’s okay because I love them! They are much stiffer and somewhat “harder” for lack of a better term than most running/training shoes you have worn. But that’s what I like. My feet feel really supported and despite the lack of cushion, these work for me on my 4 mile walks. Added bonus: I love the colorway.

ON Cloudflow Running Shoe. APPROVED.

Loving the colors this season! Enter: Nike Air Max Dia Running Shoe is highlighting the new “chunkier” shoe trend. I have not personally tried these but I have a similar, less chunkier style that I love. Super comfortable and very lightweight (also how Nike describes these in the description)!

When many running/training shoes are going for $130 or more the sale price on these at $82.50 makes me wanna holllaaa!

Not even gonna lie, I chose this next product based solely on “marketing.” With names like “Beach Walk” and “Lazy Sunday Morning” and because I am always on the hunt for a new scent I wanna try these!

MAISON MARGIELA Replica Travel Spray Duo ($56 value)

I am sorry to report the Veja Esplar 3-Lock Sneaker (Velcro-style)and camo jogger/legging pictured are already sold out.

I didn’t have time to get in the nitty-gritty of the other two West Coast “looks” but I will be writing product reviews on everything that I have tried which I will link here when they are finished.

West Coast Look 2: “Playin With the Boys”

Why yes, Kenny Loggins’s “Playing With the Boys is on the West Coast playlist. Click here to relive that iconic VolleyBall Scene and here to listen to the playlist.

SoCal Fall Vibes
  1. Nike Sportswear Icon Clash Pullover $65.90
  2. Zella Studio Crop Lite Leggings $35.90
  3. Ray Ban 51mm Hexagonal Flat Lens Sunglasses — SOLD OUT
  4. P448 Star Zebra High Top Sneaker $199.90
  5. Blanc Noir Reversible Bomber Jacket $99.90
  6. Alo New Moon Tank $29.90
  7. Godinger Seville Whiskey Decanter $45.90
  8. Champion Reverse Weave® Fleece Sweatshirt $32.90
  9. adidas NMD_R1 Sneaker — SOLD OUT
  10. Zella Washed Organic Cotton Ankle Jogger Pants $45.90

West Coast Look 3: “Feelin Myself”

Issssa LA Vibe
  1. Zella Peaceful Twist T-Shirt $29.90
  2. Nike One Dri-Fit Shorts — SOLD OUT
  3. Beyond Yoga Hacci Raglan Pullover — SOLD OUT
  4. adidas UltraBoost Running Shoe $119.90
  5. Quay Australia Reina 51mm Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses $35.90
  6. RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror — SOLD OUT
  7. Treasure and Bond Quinn Leather Backpack $63.90
  8. Linea Paolo Niya Wedge Sneaker $79.90
  9. Ray-Ban ‘Classic Wayfarer’ 50mm Sunglasses $99.90
  10. Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress $39.90
  11. Vans Old Skool Platform Sneaker $41.90
  12. Beyond Yoga Hacci Raglan Pullover — SOLD OUT
  13. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings — SOLD OUT

Stay tuned for Pacific NW, East Coast and Midwest edits as well as product reviews.

*Please note I created these style guides the first week of “early access.” Some styles were sold out by the time I published this. If you need a replacement style drop me a comment or leave your email address.

As always thank you for reading!

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Peace, Love & Prosecco!

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