Product: Nike Pro Tight 7/8 $50 /// Worn for: working out

✅ Comfortable

💰Good Price Value

🐪No camel toe

✅Not see thru

The “Nike Pro” collection has been around for eons — this is a line of products with Nike’s “Pro” technology which features four-way stretch and Dri-Fit (their “cooling” system, in other words — breathability). Typically, Nike does not change the styles in this collection too much so if you really like a pair of tights as I do, chances are they will keep it in the line for years to come — that is great news for the consumer because don’t you hate it when you love something and the next season it’s gone?! …


Marcella Fredericks

retail marketing* football fanatic * dancin fool * dog-lover * turtle mom * sales aficionado * not a foodie * grateful * just gettin started *justice warrior

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