I realize jumpsuits are problematic when going to the loo, especially if you're at a restaurant or bar; it is a total production to take it off and make sure nothing hits the bathroom floor, but these 5 jumpsuits make it worth it!

Support local with this jumpsuit aka Coverall from Wild Fang, a female-founded, women-run company out of a place close to my heart, Portland, Oregon. They are known for “suits that slay,” their unapologetic wild feminist collection, and workwear.

The Essential SS Coverall $188

Loving this color with the AF1! Photo by: Wildfang

Next up, from one of my favorite local shops in Phoenix, Thelifestyled and Co, (a blend of desert living…

Get your “Gen X: Early 80's” Mixtape here to set the mood.

Ah, the days to be outside and young again when riding your bike around the cul-de-sac with your neighborhood friends was the norm and Saturday nights were reserved for The Love Boat and Fantasy Island back to back.

The other night I was sitting on my couch, watching an old episode of Three’s Company where Chrissy and Janet were wearing the cutest loungewear ensembles (and don’t even get me started on the OG of loungin, Mrs. Roper, in all her tunic-mumu glory). The trio of awesomeness featured athleisure before it was even athleisure.

Three’s Company Loungewear could be its own collection now! Photo by: ABC, via Pluto TV

While watching the politically incorrect, borderline sexist, probably sexist, but still good as hell, Three’s Company, I began to evaluate my own loungewear pieces or shall I say lack thereof. I wouldn’t consider a pair of 7-year-old torn sweats and an ill-fitting Target tee to…

Product: Nike Pro Tight 7/8 $50 /// Worn for: working out

✅ Comfortable

💰Good Price Value

🐪No camel toe

✅Not see thru

The “Nike Pro” collection has been around for eons — this is a line of products with Nike’s “Pro” technology which features four-way stretch and Dri-Fit (their “cooling” system, in other words — breathability). Typically, Nike does not change the styles in this collection too much so if you really like a pair of tights as I do, chances are they will keep it in the line for years to come — that is great news for the…

I mentioned in my last blog, “What Are Trail Shoes and Do You Need Them?” trail shoes are having a moment right now given the trend of everyone going outdoors during COVID. People are finding new paths and trails to explore and they want to get outside and beyond the treadmill.

Wondering if you need trail shoes? Click here.

I compiled a list of the Top 5 trail shoes from industry experts from top outdoor and running sites (Gear Junkie, REI,Runner’s World). Their rank varies depending on who’s review I was researching so I took the liberty of ranking based on their looks because as you may have…

When I first arrived at adidas in December of 2002, as a sales rep, I was so excited to purchase my first pair of 3 stripes with my employee discount. I headed out to the employee store near the HQ in Portland, OR, and purchased what I thought were the freshest kicks of all time! Unbeknownst to me, they were “trail shoes.” I am not sure when I realized what type of shoes these actually were or perhaps I knew and didn’t care that I am not, nor will I ever be a trail runner.

A beautiful Portland trail to walk/run near adidas where I worked, but my trail shoes never experienced the terrain they were intended for.

Trail shoes have a moment…

3 style guides, 4 regions of fashion for all things athleisure/activewear with a splash of sporty chic and home.

Welcome to the Midwest Edit

If you have not seen the West Coast edit click here. For your listening pleasure, a carefully curated Midwest soundtrack, click here.

Midwest Look 1: “Lake-effect & Chill(Y’all know what I am talking about don’t you?!) The snow in the midwest is no joke and although you’ll need more than the items below to venture outside, these styles are perfect for chillin' on the couch! For a link to all styles click here.

Midwest Look One incorporates athleisure with a hefty side of outdoor and cozy :)
  1. adidas Originals French Terry Hoodie

It’s that time of the year!!! Your excuse to treat yoself. :)

My Grandma Maxx trained me at a young age to spot the best deals on jewels and shoes at TJ Maxx but I am no longer the shopper I once was and COVID has increased my angst for shopping to the point that I’d rather drink wine and “add to cart” from the comfort of my own home!

What retailers deem a“treasure hunt” I deem a gigantic pain in my ass. Who has the time or attention span?

*Disclaimer* I am wildly uncomfortable posting this because I fear it might ruin or tarnish my reputation in an industry where I have worked extremely hard, however, I cannot stay silent anymore. The events over the course of the last few weeks have compelled me to finally speak up and realize that I should have spoken out a long time ago.

Working as a sales rep for adidas around 2008–09, the company held an auditorium-style corporate meeting and I remember thinking, “Wow, does adidas know how bad this looks?” I turned to a colleague and said, “Aren’t they embarrassed there…

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